Zak Kilgarten




Although John plays all of the instruments for GODI, he tends to imagine himself as different musicians when playing different portions of the music. Zak Kilgarten is one such 'channeled' musician who John interprets.

John imagined a bass player and drummer from Denmark. They played well together, and were already in a band. He felt they would be perfect for GODI, and began to play as he imagined they would.

In GODI, Zak lays down the rhythm, but also plays all kinds of percussion instruments, creating the ethnic sounds of distant Zarabad as though it were a real place and time which he could be influenced by. His drumming style for the rock songs is simple, powerful, and full of feeling.

Zak comes across as the mysterious, dark stranger, and likes to stick to himself, rather than mingle and party. The reclusive member of the band is the loudest though, and he loves to find that perfect beat to fit a song. You might say that he communicates more through his drums than by traditional means.