John Lister

Composer, Arranger, Producer


Composer, Arranger, Producer

John Lister is a multi-instrumentalist who quit playing in bar bands because he found it boring to play other people's songs. Being more creative, he enjoyed writing original songs, but the bands he had played in only wanted to do cover songs.

John is the reason GODI exists, having written all of the music and lyrics for the GODI songs, and playing all of the instruments, despite our listing of other players. He has also arranged, recorded and produced each track, working from his own studio.

He also created the Callister Choral Ensemble to add choir voices to some of the songs, as well as composing and performing the orchestrated portions, with each instrument played individually on keyboard.

With such a full sound, mixing can be challenging, but John has succeeded in putting together songs that are full and sometimes complex, yet clear and enjoyable to listen to.