Hans Lorgrun




Although John plays all of the instruments for GODI, he tends to imagine himself as different musicians when playing different portions of the music. Hans Lorgrun is one such 'channeled' musician who John interprets.

John imagined a bass player and drummer from Denmark. They played well together, and were already in a band. He felt they would be perfect for GODI, and began to play as he imagined they would.

Hans is skillful on the bass, but can rock out a solid simple bass line when the song requires it. He helps to lay down the foundation necessary for the music of GODI, blending perfectly with the dynamics of the band.

When it comes to personality, Hans is often stubborn, and has been referred to as a 'bull in a china shop' on occasion. Although very opinionated, he does as he is told within the band, although sometimes grudgingly.