Garden of Dark Inertia

Also known as "GODI" (pronounced 'god-eye')

2019 NEWS!

We'll be updating, enhancing and re-mixing the music! Stay tuned for remix announcements early in 2020.

A Dream is Born

How the Garden of Dark Inertia came to be

Crystal Dreams

The year was 1401. Fictional time traveller, Crystal Dreams, had encountered an evil force known in that world as 'Dark Inertia', and knew her mission was to defeat it. She wanted to replace it with a garden of love and kindness. But the Dark Inertia was powerful. Beneath the palace at Arethenia, a civilization awaited a prophesy to come true: the arrival of the 'Angel of the Dawn'. This was Crystal's purpose in that time period. Although she did all that she could, Crystal eventually decided to return to the present time and spread her message through music, forming a rock band known as 'Garden of Dark Inertia'. Hence, GODI was formed.

The Music

The music of GODI is made up of rock songs, but with orchestral and choral passages, and with a little Eastern element thrown in, influenced by Crystal's visits to the world of the 1400s. Although the whole story is based on a work of fiction, the music is very much real. Composer John Lister wrote the songs, arranged the music, and recorded each track individually, before realizing that he must find a female lead singer to play the role of Crystal Dreams.

The Band

John felt that the music and story had come to him, almost as if it existed elsewhere in time and space, and that he had tapped into it. Writing was easy, as though he was remembering something from another lifetime. In much the same way, each musician was a character John could visualize, each with their own attitudes and skills. This is why band members are listed, even though John had played all of the instruments himself.

The Vocalist

No matter how well the music had come together, a very important piece of the puzzle was still missing. John and his partner Marlene discovered Callie Piticco performing her own songs at a live event, and knew there was something special about her. It was soon obvious that Callie was to become the voice of GODI, portraying the character, Crystal dreams. Her solid and rocky vocals were perfect for the sound John and Marlene were looking for.

The Callister Choral Ensemble

With the full sound of a rock band backed with occasional orchestral passages, some songs still didn't sound complete. That was when John realized he needed a vocal group to provide a choir for the completion of some of the songs. He was able to multi-track his own voice for the male parts in this choir, and called upon Callie to provide the female portions. Hence, the Callister Choral Ensemble was born.

Guest Vocalists

In the 1400s, Crystal Dreams had been saved from execution by a prince named Aladak. They fell in love, but before realizing it, Crystal was returned to the present time, leaving Aladak behind to pine after her. The song, 'Come to me' features both vocalists singing to one another from across time and space. The style of the song is unique, as it is an 'Opera Rock' song, featuring the voices of the Callister Choral Ensemble, and of our guest vocalist, Matthew Cameron.


Although the words of Crystal Dreams, sung through GODI, told a story of their own, it seemed like a good idea to include liner notes with the CD. John began writing these extra details in 2011 and within a year had written three complete novels, telling the tale of Crystal Dreams and the Garden of Dark Inertia in greater detail. The book series is entitled 'Angel of the Dawn' and new editions of each are being worked on before re-releasing them on Amazon.


Although the recording of all of the tracks was completed in 2011, it was six more years before John was able to perfect the sound and re-release the final tracks. As more tracks become re-mixed, they will be available on iTunes. For now, enjoy the tracks that are here...

The music

Here are some recently remixed GODI tracks for you to enjoy.


The Videos

To give you an idea about the story of Crystal Dreams.

The GODI Team

The people behind the music


What People are Saying

"Those are great tracks bro. I especially like Into Confusion (syncopated rhythms always get me ??), Riding to Zarabad is also very cool. It's like prog meets Marrakech. Well done! "
Bob Ross - Bassist for Ariel's Attic
      Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to listen and contact us.

"This is like a return to progressive rock - only with an international feel, and with the synphonic background music, it becomes the perfect mix of styles, while staying true to the rock format. "
Peter Blackswill - listener
      Thank you, Peter!

"This music carries me away, like I'm sharing the journey, or watching the story as a movie - in 3D of course! "
Ann McClavan - listener
      Ann, we are working on the screenplay for the Angel of the Dawn story, featuring GODI.

"There are few bands I listen to anymore. I can't wait 'till you have a complete CD available to purchase. "
Leonard Adams - listener
      We're working on it!

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